Chewbacca, Freddy Krueger, Where's Waldo Break Up Fight Between Mr. Incredible And Batgirl

October 23, 2014


This is a local video news report about a fight between Mr. Incredible and Batgirl on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in front of Grauman's (TCL) Chinese Theater. Chewbacca and Freddy Krueger and Where's Waldo (he's right there!) try to break them up. It's really just sad more than anything.

The video appears to show Mr Incredible and Batgirl struggling, with Chewbacca attempting to break up the tussle. After Batgirl scratches Mr. Incredible, Waldo and Freddy Krueger step in. They try to hold back Mr. Incredible, but he gets loose and chases Batgirl before punching and kicking her, and flipping her on the sidewalk. Bystanders then chase the characters off.

"The good ones, we're stationary, we'll stand against the curb, people come to us," [Batman] said. "But the bad ones they roam up and down, so they cross paths or they target the same people, and then they get into each other. It's less now because we have a lot more police presence here since last year, and it has made a difference. It's not cleaned up yet, but it is getting better."

You know what the real problem with the performers on Hollywood Blvd is? That they're there at all. I'm sure SOME are decent, but if parents actually knew the kind of people under the majority of those costumes they would not be paying $5 to have their kids take a picture with them. Case in point: one time I saw SpongeBob with his costume under his arm getting a BJ from a methy looking Tinkerbell in the parking lot across from Boardner's bar. That's a fact.

Keep going for the news report.

Thanks to Branden, who agrees if you're looking for a nice, southern California vacation, consider San Diego.

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