BottleLoft Hangs Beer Bottles In Your Fridge w/ Magnets

October 27, 2014


This is an already funded Kickstarter project for the BeerLoft storage system ($20 for one, $35 for two). Each strip adheres to the top of the fridge with a piece of 3M adhesive and can hold up to the three beers (or other metal-topped bottles) using neodymium magnets. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like they got the spacing right to hold 40's. Also, you might have to lower the top shelf in your fridge to be able to actually fit anything under the bottles, since beer bottles on the top shelf of my fridge almost reach the top already. Still, your beer-drinking friends will think it's a cool idea, which, let's not kid ourselves, is the only reason you bought them in the first place.

Keep going for a couple more shots.



Thanks to me, for being humble enough to admit I don't even have a working fridge and keep beers cold in one side of the kitchen sink filled with ice.

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