Booze w/ Camera Attached Gets Passed Around Wedding

October 28, 2014


Just keep drinking, Jen -- that bouquet is mine.

Because who doesn't want to drink out of a bottle that fifty other people's lips have touched, this is a video from a GoPro attached to a bottle of Fireball (sweet, cinnamon flavored candy liquor designed for children) being passed around a wedding. Surprisingly, there wasn't a single guy who pretended to whip his peenor out and pee in the bottle like any normal person would have done.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Cathy M, who tried doing the same thing with a bottle of gin but nobody was into it. Probably because gin is disgusting unless you really, really hate yourself, in which case it's the only medicine for your sickness.

  • ODwanKenObi

    I would seriously hate to be the last person to drink all the backwash from 30 or more people. Disgusting. I could never understand how people do the same thing at church during communion, drinking wine from the same cup as everyone else.

  • JJtoob

    I expected more down-shirt shots of hot girls...

  • Huck PS

    I saw this first in the Anthony Bourdain's "Parts Unknown" episode in Shanghai. I thought it was very cool...
    Look at me not bringing anything special to the commenting table.... *sigh*

  • Melda
  • Kg3

    I want to see the director's cut where it has has great-grandma spitting out the Fireball and saying "What the F*** was that?!"

  • Pwnsauce

    1:35 For a guy wearing sunglasses inside he sure is a pussy.

  • asdfasdf

    you don't like gin? but junipers!

  • asdfasdf

    do you want ebola? this is how you get ebola. so unsanitary.

  • MisterEvilBreakfast

    Unless you're in a country that is ravaged by ebola, this is precisely how not to get ebola. I don't think it starts from sharing drinks.

  • shashi

    "According to a recent W.H.O. statement, high levels of Ebola virus in saliva are rare except in the sickest victims "

    "If the person has a fever but no other symptoms, then the level of virus in their body is very low and unlikely to be passed on to someone else."

    "The Ebola virus can be eliminated relatively easily with heat, alcohol-based products..."

    We have nothing to fear except fear itself and White-headed capuchins

  • algernon

    I did the same thing for my wedding.... except the camera was mounted on my penis.... and the video was much shorter.... and all you really got to see was my underwear.... until I had to pee, because when I get nervous, that's what I do. So you got some closeups of the urinal at the Howard Johnsons. Then I got divorced. I should have set the camera to "macro".

  • Gamy
  • Guest

    Ooh wee, now that's some beautiful looking twins. Cute too.

  • Madz

    Everyone sharing the one bottle? That's super unhygienic

  • Fred

    Between the one third alcohol content and the painful cinnamon content I'm fairly sure you could use this stuff to disinfect an ebola ward after a particularly eye-bleedy death.

  • Madz

    I dunno....what if someone has like oral herpes?

  • Andrew Newton

    When scrolling down the page, it definitely looks like she's chugging *something*

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