Appropriate: Chainsaw Artist Carves Groot From Stump

October 7, 2014


This is a video of chainsaw artist Griffon Ramsey carving Guardians of the Galaxy's Groot out of a couple stumps. Of all the things to be carving out of a stump, Groot seems the most appropriate. Followed by totem poles and tiki gods. I've always wanted a giant tiki god carving in my apartment. Then it wouldn't feel so inappropriate drinking Mai Tais and Rum Runners at eleven in the morning. Well, it might still feel inappropriate, but at least I'd have company. Did you hear that? OOGA BOOGA SAY MAKE A COCKTAIL.

Keep going for a video of the caving in progress.

Thanks to maiaolorin and Nathan Z, who informed me the key to wood carving is removing all the wood that doesn't look like your subject. It's that easy.

  • MonkeeKnucklez

    Griffin Ramsey, wife of Geoff Ramsey of Rooster Teeth, Achievement Hunter, and Red. Versus Blue fame (also: hot)

  • Bling Nye

    Interesting... isn't this the equivalent of carving up a human (human stump?) to make a human figure...?

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