All The Rage: Lifelike Japanese Dolls That Squirt Drink Out Of One Breast When You Squeeze The Other

October 16, 2014


Note: Video is entirely NSFW unless you work somewhere really cool.

Seen here being waxed on by Mr. Miyagi, this is a video of the $5,000 realistic naked lady dolls from Japan that squirt drink out one breast when you squeeze the other. Several of the people in the video don't just squeeze the breast though, they MASSAGE it. I'm not sure if that makes your drink smoother or what, but they really get into it. Obviously, this is going to be a huge hit at my Halloween party. I'm going to fill her reservoir with witch's brew and put a Cleopatra headdress on her. No -- A BATMAN MASK.

Keep going for the video.


Thanks to Cam, who's convinced a male version is just right around the corner with no pants on.

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