Labor Of Love: Guy Spends Two Years Building Final Fantasy VII's Midgar In Minecraft

October 17, 2014


Minecrafter Killerx20 has spent the last two years recreating Final Fantasy VII's Midgar in the world of Minecraft. This is that (links to forum where you can download the map). Creating a video game inside a video game, that's deep. Maybe not as deep as my soul, but my soul i a bottomless well. One with lots of complex feelings and emotions swirling around the dark waters at the bottom. "I don't think you understand what bottomless means." You ruin everything for me.

"As a lot are probably wondering," Killerx20 writes, "yes, more then 85% of this build WAS indeed hand placed. The only things that were not are the outer plates, tower, and reactors BUT that doesn't mean they were completed when imported, they were basically detail-less empty shells and I wanted it that way so everything on/inside them had to be hand placed for optimal detail."

Now that, that's a serious labor of love. But do you know what the biggest labor of love is? Having a baby. Just kidding, it's making a table or chair out of wood with your own two hands. If anybody makes you furniture, you hold on to that person. If anybody makes you leave the bedroom to fart while you're pillow-talking before bed, well, that one can go either way.

Keep going for several more pictures.









Thanks to Ford and Luchino, who agree somebody should build Fallout 3's Megaton if they haven't already.

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