109.9 Decibels: Guinness World Record's Loudest Burp

October 30, 2014

PROTIP: Make sure to turn the volume on in the lower right corner before complaining about how the burp was near-silent and you could do way better.

This is a short Vine video from the Guinness Book of World Records featuring Paul Hunn belting out a 109.9 decibel burp (about the sound of a chainsaw from a meter away) to clench the record for world's loudest burp/last person you'd want to sit across from at dinner. Seriously, this is just a Vine video but I'm pretty sure I tasted that.

Thanks to Jerm, who tried to tell me root beer is the key to solid burps despite the fact Paul here clearly uses Coke.

  • Evan St. Andrew

    can't get the damn sound to work. Btw, long time fan of this site. This and I watch stuff are legit.

  • Andrew Newton

    "Now THAT'S a spicy meat-a ball-a!"

  • KarenJSanders

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  • netloco

    i think i just found my new ringtone

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