World Of Warcraft's In-Game Tribute To Robin Williams

September 8, 2014


These are several shots and a video of World of Warcraft's in-game tributes to the late Robin Williams. There's a genie that comes out of a lamp when you rub it and says, "INFINITE COSMIC POWER! Itty bitty living space," as well as Mork's crashed egg spaceship and some toys scattered around (a head-nod to Williams' role in Toys). Good work. Maybe I'll recover my old character and start playing again. You think my guild will let me back in? I sort of Leroy Jenkins'd them a few times. Plus stole most of their rare items and sold them on eBay. They were not very understanding. God, get over it guys, it's just a video game. Based on all the threats it sounds like a lot of you have anger management issues.

Keep going for the pictures and video, as well as the 'There You Are, Peter' scene from Hook because maybe you needed a good cry today and just weren't sure how to get it started.





Thanks to Viv, who offered to let me join her Counter-Strike clan. Now you're talking!

  • MeggyMonster

    You had to follow it up with a clip from Hook. If you need me, I'm just going to be laying here... on the floor... ; 3;

  • Mr. Popo

    Too soon...

  • Simon K

    ...You have awaken me too soon!!

  • Joshua Maffe

    I wonder if anyone realizes the quote is "PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWER... itty bitty living space."

  • TheQiwiMan

    Probably a copy-write thing.
    Disney DID sue a preschool after all....

  • aldenscott


    As in "the right to copy".

  • brodyc

    Disney has a copyright on the term "copyright". That's why they spelled it that wa....what's this? A cease and dissist? Damn. They are quick with these things nowadays.

  • evilares

    Blizzard rocks for doing this, thanks for sharing!

  • DrZanz

    Is that really the only representation of him in game? Because that's pretty lazy if you ask me.

  • Alex D

    It's a tribute.

  • DrZanz

    Just saying they could have at least given him a unique model. "Tribute" or not, they told us we'd be seeing him in game, not a model that is the closest representation of a character he once voiced.

  • Darcitus

    Well, aside from the fact that not only is the character (and all lines associated with it) copyright of its respective owner, the image of a person is also exclusive to the individual that has said image. In this case it's Robin Williams. Upon his death, the imaging rights go to his next of kin, Zelda Williams, which, given her state of mourning, more than likely wouldn't go through with it as of current. Blizzard did an outstanding thing creating a tribute to Robin Williams. Yes, they took the cheap route, yes, they probably could have put more work into it. But considering the fact that the release deadline for a largely already complete expansion to an immense mmo with a monstrous player base, they have far more important things to do. You want to cry because they didn't erect a giant fucking memorial to Robin Williams? Dude. They immortalized him in the game he loved to play. It wasn't so you could be happy that they immortalized him. They did it in HIS honor. NOT yours. So frankly sir, you can take your indignant attitude and go cry on 4chan. It will no be appreciated here.

  • DrZanz

    Hehe wow fella, I think you misunderstood my angle. But you make fair points. *tips hat*

  • TBozzly


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