What Are You, A Person?!: Otter Sits At Table To Eat

September 4, 2014


This is a video of an otter eating his bowl of brown and crunchy while sitting at the dinner table like a person. It doesn't last long though before he's rolling around on top of the table like an animal. You're a heathen! "Says the guy who just picked up a piece of candy off the sidewalk." No I didn't. "Open your mouth." You can't make me.

Keep going for the video plus a BONUS much longer version (with a loris peeping around in the background!). I wish I had a pet otter. They like smashing shellfish open with rocks. Smashing things with rocks is a great time.

Thanks to Diane, who tried telling me otters are actually human's closest relatives. What?! But I thought it was my brother.

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