Video Of Dog In Giant Spider Costume Terrifying People

September 4, 2014


This is a worthwhile video of a dog in a giant spider costume scaring the shit out of people. Because if there's one thing people hate, it's giant f***ing spiders. If there's two things people hate, it's giant spiders, and smaller spiders. If there's three things people hate it's probably giant spiders, smaller spiders, and snakes. I especially liked the elevator scene with the two girls. Now I'm kind of tempted to make my dog a spider costume and let her scare people. The only problem is I'm afraid someone might freak out and actually try to attack her. Then, well, I'd have to kill them. And I haven't killed a person because a prank went wrong in many years. Okay, months. Wait -- what's today? Is it trash day? Oh boy.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to lydia, who tried to dress her cat up like a spider to scare her roommate but is now just bleeding because apparently her cat doesn't like playing dress-up.

  • Jerry Colon

    awesome-my dog will be scaring kids for blocks

  • UnicronPlanetMode


  • Karen

    Of course it's fake! Where is your sense of humor, people? Easily video of the Year!!!

  • The_Wretched

    at night
    in the dark
    with bodies lying around
    in normally edgy places
    i bet it's less of an issue on a well let place where you can see the spider from 50 yards away and see the legs aren't right.

  • Xandraelle

    I have to believe this is fake.... I mean, it has to be right? There are 4 ways this could go:

    A: It works, they get scared
    B: They use common sense and logic. They realize it is a cute doggy.
    C: They decide to attack the dog and either kill the dog or injure it.
    D: The person has a health illness and dies or has a bad reaction such as: Panic attack, heart murmurs, and the such

    I know if this happened to be it would be C most likely. At the very least I would punt that spider and if i didn't realize it was a dog then, I would stomp the living crap out of it. I just don't see this prank working out well

  • kevin

    "I would stomp the living crap out of it"

  • SlammerUK

    No you would NOT punt that spider... If your mind perceived that to be a massive spider, you would not stand there and kick it. Guaranteed.
    Your survival instincts would switch on and you'd run for your life until you could assess it wasnt real. If you didnt, you've got bad genes and I'm surprised your gene pool made it to the 21st Century.
    And if you'd stomp on a dog then you better get help mate, because that pretty makes you a psychopath.

  • HemlockErrors

    I would like to say it depends entirely upon someone's tendency towards fight or flight and how they think about turning their back something that could be dangerous. There are certain people who are not inclined to run.

  • Andyman7714

    Exactly, no one would in their right mind attack a giant spider. There is no time for common sense and logic here. Your natural instinct would be to run like hell. Jeezus, I freaked out watching the video and I knew it was a dog in a costume!

  • zin

    FAKE!!! You can tell from how the "spider" is distinctly lacking any adorable crawliness.

  • Guest

    Dorthe: "Wait, so... a costume? You're not serious..."

    Frodnar: "Sure I am. We get some furs and tree branches, paint them white, and then tie them to Stump. Instant Frostbite Spider!"

    Dorthe: "Frodnar... nobody is going to believe that your dog
    is a... Frostbite Spider. And if they do... they'll kill him. That's not
    much of a prank."

    Frodnar: "Oh yeah, and what would you rather do?"

    Dorthe: "How about... we play tag! You're it!"

    Frodnar: "Hey, no fair! Get her, Stump!"

  • Angela McPherson

    Best comment ever! You win the internet. <3

  • Bubbubsky

    Funny...but I'd be worried about people having an immediate self-defense reaction and hurting the dog.

  • Damon Sherman

    yeah, there had to be at least one person that kicked the poor little guy. I'd also hate to see their face they realized they kicked a little puppy.


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