Valid Excuses: Canadian Postal Employee Tries to Deliver Package, Can't, Leaves "Bear At Door" Notice In Mailbox

September 29, 2014


A Canadian Post employee attempted to deliver a package to a rural British Columbia home but was thwarted by his fear of being mauled by the bear that was hanging out on the customer's porch. He instead left a note in the customer's mailbox at the end of the driveway citing the reason the package couldn't be delivered. So, for reference, apparently a bear at your door > rain, sleet or snow. You know, my good pal/mortal enemy Terry just moved to a cabin in the woods of Massachusetts and I've been praying every night he gets mauled and eaten by a bear. Do they even have killer bears in Massachusetts? Because I'd be more than willing to have one imported into his bathroom at night if they don't.

Thanks to TonyPepparoni, who agrees it should be your duty as a postal employee to challenge that bear to a wrestling match.

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