That's Too Many: Dog Has Surgery To Remove The 43.5 Socks He Ate

September 5, 2014


At least it wasn't underwear.

These are the results from a 3-year old Great Dane's stomach surgery after his owner's noticed he appeared sick. The vet removed an astonishing 43.5 socks. How the f*** the dog's owners didn't notice they were completely out of socks is beyond me.

The 3-year-old Great Dane was miserable and retching when its owners rushed him to a northwest Portland emergency animal hospital.

X-rays showed a stomach full of "a large quantity of foreign material." Nearly two hours of surgery later, Dr. Ashley Magee had the answer -- the dog had consumed 43 ½ socks.

DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital spokeswoman Shawna Harch said it's perhaps the strangest case in the hospital's history, The Oregonian reported.

I dunno, maybe you should start feeding him dog food instead of socks. I mean, I'm no dog whisperer, but I'm pretty sure that's what you're supposed to do. Besides, eating socks? That doesn't sound like a very smart dog. When reached for comment, my dog informed me she would never bang another dog so stupid. Although she seems totally fine with the dog down the street that's always eating dead worms off the sidewalk, so she worries me.

Thanks to Cheryl, who informed me her dog tore the wire out of one of her bras once.

  • Jenness

    This is just viral marketing for another cruddy cable show about eating weird things, only instead of people who eat paper or cotton balls it's going to be dogs. I just googled it and it's called "Pica" which means it can have a funny name "Pica - chew Pets" OMG A&E needs to do this and pay me a jillion dollars. copyright Jenness 2014. LOL

  • S.M. Archer

    so.... about the other half of the 43.5 socks, where is said half? How does a dog eat 43 whole ones then stop and go "hmmm I'm on a diet today, I'll just take the half sock please."

  • MustacheHam

    I'm guessing the dog's name was Bumpy.

  • zin

    They look like bacon grilled to perfection. How is this possible?

  • disqus_k2QxOV9H7Z

    Now we all know where those missing socks go.

  • Ed

    My friend's dog ate a rope and when it pooped the rope didn't come all the way out, so his dad had to grab it and pull out the rest.

  • zin


  • Fred

    If I walked around bare foot all day in a house full of socks but lacked any means of putting them on I think I'd get creative with my revenge too...

  • sarabaine

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  • Sooper

    A lot of dogs do tend to eat stuff like this. Mine has done it, though not anywhere near that many. I also knew a family with a dog that once ate an entire roll of toilet paper.

  • zin

    TP-dog wipes his ass from the inside-out!

  • Channa12

    Do you think the owners are going to wash and wear them again? It looks like there are some matching pairs.

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