Textbook Accidentally Printed With P0rn Actress On Cover

September 15, 2014


A Thai textbook publisher learned the hard way that maybe you shouldn't just print random images off the internet after it was discovered the photo they used on their edition of 'Basic Mathematics' is actually from the cover of Japanese p0rn film 'Costume Play Working Girl' starring Mana Aoki. For the record, I have not seen that one. 3,000 of the textbooks were distributed to universities before the mistake was noticed. Personally, I don't see what the big deal is. I mean, minus the copyright issue, it's not like her nipples are out or anything. My math teacher in school did not look like that. Mine looked like a witch. And she might have actually been one too, I know she was into cats.

Keep going for the original image and an ever so slightly steamier one.


Thanks to Martin, who agrees math could afford to be way sexier.

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