Terrifying: Guys Spot Huge Massive Gigantic Anaconda In Brazilian River, Grab Its Tail

September 23, 2014


This is a video of several Brazilians out for a leisurely cruise in their boat when they spot a f***ing GIGANTIC anaconda. So what do they do? Naturally, grab its tail and try to tug it around for a bit while a woman in the boat screams her face off. Honestly, I don't even know what she's saying, but I've got a feeling she's being the voice of reason.

Keep going for the video, then never swim in a Brazilian river.

Thanks to E V I L A R E S, who is so evil I suspect he's secretly breeding man-eating anacondas on a private island off the coast of Guyana.

  • Michael Jones

    Not a good idea to harass something that already ate one manish sized critter.

  • Bad Boy Bubby

    nope, that was just my penis...i was wondering why some dirty mexican was grabbing my package but watching this footage i realize that this was all a misunderstanding seeing as he thought he was catching an anaconda, whatever, i came

  • Shane S.

    I want this translated ASAP!

  • James Sterlington

    huge massive gigantic is redundant

  • Fred

    You say giant anaconda, I say one of the Kraken's tentacles...

  • steve holt

    maybe the body of the other boat passenger is inside that bloated beast and they're just trying to save their friend's life.

  • steve holt

    this is so much better than the nikki minaj anaconda video. For real.

  • stuffsticks

    The farting version of that Video is pretty funny

  • Huck PS

    I'm Brazilian and I have 3 things to say about this:
    1st - These idiots deserve the fine they are getting for harassing this animal, who was just minding his business, digesting whatever the heck it just ate. I wish someone would come and yank on their legs while they were trying to chillax after a big meal.

    2nd - I had to mute the video because... their voices. The one dude that actually doesn't say anything is pressured into grabbing the snakes tail and then just stands there awkwardly holding a snake's butt end in his hands looking all weirded out, yet excited, while the woman squeals and the guy manning the boat keeps yelling like he's about to climax. The whole thing is basically a porno if you just listen to the sound track.

    3rd and most importantly - How excited is everybody about Survivor starting tomorrow?... Right?!

  • steve holt

    you're overthinking this.

  • Huck PS

    You wanna be in my alliance?

  • TalonDesigns

    They were fined and are looking at up to 18 months for harassing the animal.


    Serves them right.

  • Guest

    there was nothing in that link about them getting charged. what are you on?

  • TBozzly

    So many words in that article....must have been difficult for a bro

  • TalonDesigns


  • Bad Boy Bubby

    wow you are dumb, do you even read bro?

  • TalonDesigns

    Maybe you should take the same thing that I am, or maybe just learn to READ instead of just looking at the pictures.

    (Just returning the snarky comment)

    Copied from link (right below the first picture and above the video) -

    "These Brazilian fishermen were just fined $600 for tormenting a giant anaconda in Brazil. According to authorities, the trio are facing a jail sentence of up to 18 months."

  • Andrew Newton

    Man - Is there ever a youtube video where a poster doesn't believe the actions being performed in the video are a clear and alarming decline in civilization?

  • bigalosu

    That's a HUGE snake, but it looks like it fed recently so it's not a big threat to the boaters. I wouldn't want to mess with it when it's hungry though. While there are no reliable documented cases of Anacondas attacking humans, an adult one could easily kill a person.

  • an

    green anacondas are incapable of eating humans. their jaws dont get big enough to get past our shoulders fyi. also large snakes have no business ever attacking or pusuing humans. when confronted by a human who is stressing it out it might attack but only in self defense.

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