Spider Photobombs Girls' Selfies, Brings Me Great Joy

September 8, 2014


This is the progression of photos (GIF of them after the jump) documenting the moment two girls in bed taking selfies realize they're not alone. It brought me great joy. I don't know why people freak out about spiders so much. Where do you think the bites you wake up in the morning came from? I find spiders in my bed all the time. Plus my roommates pubes. "How do you know they're his?" Because I shave. Jk jk, because I bleached mine and dyed them green so I can pretend to be Captain Planet.

Keep going for a gif of the images.


Thanks to becca b, who agrees this is exactly why you should never take selfies without a rolled-up magazine around.

  • Darren Snakeman

    Best photobomb yet. Along with these.

  • kmeghan

    That's a giant spider. I'd freak out too.

  • Zed68

    Still fake...

  • Andrew Newton

    This is the same reaction when I photobomb girl's pictures with my penis.

  • Teresa Breś

    watch this if you are not afraid of spiders

  • Aeraneous Finklebom

    How did she know to look up?

  • disqus_k2QxOV9H7Z

    Spider: Best Friends Forever!!!

  • TheQiwiMan

    Dangit! I'm so sick of girls faking stuff in bed!


  • asdfadfs

    and we're supposed to believe she kept her arm up extended and mashing the photo button because....

  • with todays amazing technology, most new iphones comes with a shutter mode...ya know, fast capture... photos taken many times...much photo...wow.

    Technology is cool.

  • Guest

    looks like a plastic ring from those packs of fake cobwebs

  • archer923

    It doesn't even move. Who believes this junk.

  • Anderson Monteiro

    Fake spider.

  • MustacheHam

    She just wanted to be on the "web" with these gals. XD

  • Forblat

    It looks like one of those plastic halloween spider ring things

  • Never Back Down

    Its fake, you can tell by the shadows, its like that scene from the movie "Never Back Down"

    ;) ohh yeah baby

  • Mr. Popo

    Oh God! Fake or not that made me lol so hard.

  • ODwanKenObi


  • Leland_Gaunt

    You know that spider was thinking "Threesome!".

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