Simpsons Springfield Locales Imagined Moodily At Night

September 26, 2014


This is a series of illustrations by artist Tim Doyle imagining various Springfield locations from The Simpsons at night with an "evocative, moody" feel. I am digging them. I am also digging up earthworms to go fishing with a buddy this weekend. Will he kill me and try to sink my body to the bottom of the lake? Honestly, sometimes I feel like I deserve it. Real talk.

Keep going for five more.






Thanks to Sheggers, who agrees nighttime is the right time. For what, I don't know.

  • thedawg

    Scary! Sideshow bob is lurking on the first pic!

  • Huck PS

    And Homer isn't there at all. We see all the family, even the snowball, but no Homer. Deep!

  • Adam

    I thought Homer was in the same window as Marge... You know...

  • shashi

    simpSIN CITY

  • lover every one

    RIP bleeding gum Murphy

  • These are soooo creepy, and I love them!

  • Malcolm Fried

    This is what the simpsons would look like if it was a radio program.

  • raymayryan

    This is what the Simpsons would look like if it was written by Frank Miller.

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