Silent Night Of The Living Dead Zombie Nativity Scene

September 22, 2014


This is the Kickstarter for Silent Night Of The Living Dead, a zombie themed nativity scene featuring Mary and Joseph fighting off zombie wise men and a shepherd boy to protect precious baby Jesus. Donating £50 (~$82) will get you a set in time for Christmas this year if they reach their £4,500 (~$7,355) funding goal. If they don't reach their funding goal? Send that money to me. I'm kidding, donate it to charity. I have love in my heart, I don't need material possessions. Although a PS4 would be nice. Ooh -- and some clean socks and underwear. Actually, let me borrow your pen and I'll write down my mailing address.

Keep going for closeups of all the figures.




Thanks to Paul, the man behind the project, so if you have a problem with it direct all your hate towards him.

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