Russian Vigilante Motorcycle Lady Picks Up Your Litter, Throws It Back In Your Car

September 17, 2014


This is the helmet-cam footage of a Russian vigilante woman who picks up litter tossed by other motorists and throws it back in their cars. In the case of the screepcap above, what appears to be a McDonald's milkshake. Looks like you should have drank the whole thing, jerk! In another case she picks up an entire ashtray and tosses it in the car of a woman who threw a pack of cigarettes out, and in another, tapes a discarded bottle to the side-view mirror of the offender. Also, I heard from one of my closest sources that this woman is actually dating Captain Planet. "Who's your source?" I can't say, but it's one of the Planeteers. "Kwame?" He said he caught them having sex in a water treatment plant.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to everyone who sent this, the majority of which expressed an interest in doing something similar themselves, but are too afraid of the consequences.

  • awesome!

  • Andyman7714

    I guy I know has so much garbage in his car that he can't help but litter every time he opens the door.

  • Doug Eldridge

    Fake. Also been on Reddit for fucking days, get off your ass Geekolo.

  • Joey Svitek

    Congratulations! You're a fucking asshole!

  • Jason Christopher

    The "I already saw this on ________" comment is the most played out, pointless comment you can possibly leave anywhere. What do you want? A congratulations? The internet is a big place, son. Not all of us have seen every single bit of it on a daily basis.

  • You can tell it's fake because The shadows are all wrong!!! This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never BAck Down where Max was walking around NY city to rescue the president and everyone he saw thought he was dead.

  • King POTUS

    Not funny. Played out, cliched old "fake!" joke. I haven't read a funny "fake!" joke since 2003.

  • RobG

    I agree. It's stupid now.

  • DoubleP90

    Looks fake to me, 1: woman throws pack of sigarettes, motorcyclist throws in ashtray, 2. Who rides with tape handy? 3. She was looking at the car waiting for it to drop the trash

  • The Magnificent Newtboy

    Unless she has a utility belt of trash handy, which i guess is possible.

  • King POTUS

    Who rides with a tape handy? Someone who planned this out and had intentions to do this.

  • Your Robot Overlord 001

    If only I could do this too...alas, in the US, I'd probably get sued and go to jail :-(

  • Post_Nazi

    In America this would just translate to taking someone's trash out of their garbage and throwing it in their face when they leave for work.

  • Go Noles

    You could. I watched a guy in Seattle throw a Mcdee's bag out of his convertible, like threw it straight up in the air. I picked up the bag and found his car parked around the corner. I dumped the entire bag in his car.

  • Jason Christopher

    I love this woman.
    I've seen people in front of me at red lights just stick their arms out the window to drop cans, bottles, bags, etc...and I've fantasized about doing this.. But if you did this here in the US, you'd probably end up shot.

  • Joel Lamm

    Seems like a pretty set up video to me. Also, about the US comment....She is in Russia. Not sure it is much safer. I am surprised that if this real, no one has ran her off the road yet.

  • its heartwarming

  • Frédéric Purenne

    I've never seen people litter in such a fashion. Is this a thing elsewhere than Russia? (I'm French Canadian)

  • disqus_k2QxOV9H7Z

    There is this Brazilian Mayor casually littering the street

    There was a guy tossing junk inside the car of people who litter the street too but in the third car the driver pulled a gun so the police recommended him to stop.

  • Ollie Williams

    Pretty typical in some areas of the U.S., but I agree that this does not happen much in Canada, which is one of the many reasons I would hop, skip, and jump at the chance to become a citizen.

  • Defenestrato

    Ever been to Canada, Ollie? As soon as you cross the border into Canada, you see the medians of the highway full of trash. The first time I saw this, as a kid going to Niagra falls, it burst my bubble about other countries being classier than the U.S. People are people; and some are just pigs.

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