Russian Vigilante Motorcycle Lady Picks Up Your Litter, Throws It Back In Your Car

September 17, 2014


This is the helmet-cam footage of a Russian vigilante woman who picks up litter tossed by other motorists and throws it back in their cars. In the case of the screepcap above, what appears to be a McDonald's milkshake. Looks like you should have drank the whole thing, jerk! In another case she picks up an entire ashtray and tosses it in the car of a woman who threw a pack of cigarettes out, and in another, tapes a discarded bottle to the side-view mirror of the offender. Also, I heard from one of my closest sources that this woman is actually dating Captain Planet. "Who's your source?" I can't say, but it's one of the Planeteers. "Kwame?" He said he caught them having sex in a water treatment plant.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to everyone who sent this, the majority of which expressed an interest in doing something similar themselves, but are too afraid of the consequences.

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