Red Shirt = Death: A Visual Guide To Star Trek Uniforms

September 30, 2014


This is a visual guide to Star Trek uniforms created by the folks at CostumeSupercenter to drum up some free advertising for themselves in time for Halloween. Are you going to be a Star Trek character for Halloween? I am not. I am going to be Dr. Emmet Brown from Back to the Future. Besides, identifying Star Trek characters is easy: the ones who hang out on the bridge are the important ones, the one who operates the beam-me-up-machine is Scotty, everyone else are the less important ones, all the red-shirts are gonna die, and the ones with three or more tits or dicks are probably aliens.

Thanks to PYY, who should be Marty McFly and then we can rent a DeLorean and have the BEST HALLOWEEN EVER.

  • archer923

    I guess they wanted only the basic outfits. Because there's future uniforms, Alt universe uniforms, TNG s3+, Motion Picture, Mirror Universe, TOS different badges etc.

  • MarianaWay

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  • The Chadwick

    They left out the pajamas from The Motion Picture.

  • Andrew Newton

    Their whole focus is on color, but they seem to have had difficulty getting Worf's skin tone correct....

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