Pre-Orderable: RYNO Self-Balancing Electric Unicycles

September 11, 2014


This is the RYNO Motors Micro-cycle. It can be ridden anywhere bikes are allowed, reach speeds up to 10MPH, travel 10-miles on a single charge, and carry a total weight (including dat ass) of 260-pounds. They're available for pre-order now for $5,300 with an estimated delivery later this year. It makes the perfect ride for somebody trying to achieve that unicyclist look, but hates pedaling. So, are you going to be the first one on your block to own a RYNO? "No." Oh. Well are you going to be the first on your block to own anything? "Yeah, a hoverboard." Ahahahhahahahhaha! Dare to dream. That's what I love about you. You dream so hard it's made you stupid.

Keep going for a commercial.

Thanks again to E V I L A R E S, who's so evil he rides on the sidewalk. Wait -- what's so evil about that? "I'm riding in a tank." Oh my!

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