Please Give Me Powers: Avengers Themed Cereal Boxes

September 25, 2014


This is a series of Avengers themed cereal boxes designed by artists Crystal Bam Fontan (aka Bamboota) and Elliot Fernandez (shirts of them all available HERE). I would try them all, I'm getting kind of tired of my current cereal. I've been eating the same Penis Shaped Sugar Bombs since I was a kid. "The box says Frosted Rocket Blasters." I know what the box SAYS, that's just a way to get around selling penis shaped breakfast cereal. Eight more UPC codes and I can get a dildo!

Keep going for four more Avengers plus BONUS Deadpool and Groot ones because Deadpool and Groot are so in right now.







Thanks to Nichols, who told me cheese is part of a well balanced breakfast, and I believe him.

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