Oscar?!: Man Commits To Living In Dumpster For A Year

September 30, 2014


While most people would spend their time trying to move OUT of a dumpster, environmental science professor Jeff Wilson has committed to living inside one of the trash shacks for an entire year. During that time, Jeff, who also calls himself Professor Dumpster and not Captain Trashbeard like I suggested, is attempting to use just 1% of the average water and energy of an average family home. No word if I will be able to use the remaining 99% that Jeff saved, but he seemed to get angry with me when I asked.

"Professor Dumpster will be spending one year in a dumpster that is approximately 6 feet x 6 feet, or about 1% the size of the average new American home. Professor Dumpster, in his bid to become part of the 'new 1%' will strive to use 1% the water, 1% the energy, and create 1% the waste of the average American home," reads The Dumpster Project website.

The Dumpster Project will be completed in three phases, starting when Wilson took occupancy in February 2014: camping in a bare-bones dumpster (shown here); living in a dumpster "home," with additions such as storage and a bed; and then fine-tuning the dumpster into the ultimate sustainable home.

Damn, living in a 6 x 6 dumpster? I wouldn't even be able to stretch out all the way without touching both ends of the room. Plus I'm not thrilled about having to pee in a pot in the corner. I've never done that before. Although I did pee in an empty Gatorade bottle in the back of a friend's car once because he wouldn't pull over. I'm kidding, it was a police car and there was no Gatorade bottle.

Keep going for a couple diagrams of what Professor Dumpster's humble abode will look like in the future, and a video about the project.



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