Now You're Talking: Lady's Handbag w/ 28oz Hidden Flask

September 23, 2014


From hidden flask specialists Binoktails (who brought us the digital camera and hairbrush flasks) comes the $36 Bev-Bag Secret Handbag Flask. It holds a whopping 28-oz (828ml, more than a regular fifth bottle and almost a liter) of your favorite booze. Or just the cheapest booze. Now you can confidently have your handbag searched at a concert or sporting event and still bring the party! Do you even know what the equivalent of an entire bottle of booze would cost in drinks at a professional sporting event? Like $240. That's a savings of a f***ing shit-ton! I'll never complain about having to hold my girlfriend's purse again. Not that I ever have, but I'm into feeling sassy.

Thanks to scott, who works for the company and should hook me up with all sorts of James Bond booze hiding devices.

  • Bunni

    Too bad it's hideous.

  • catallergy

    Why not just put the bottle in the purse?

  • S.M. Archer

    Sometimes, I wish I were a lady. Then I realize I get a lot more benefits for being a white male. Wo0t! Self high five!

  • asdfadfs

    want to see the inside of the bag

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