Nintendo Releasing 3DS XL That Looks Like NES Controller (Plus Smash Bros And Persona Q Ones)

September 11, 2014


In a move to try to get me to part with my hard earned (technically stolen) money, Nintendo has announced a special edition 3DS XL that looks like an oldschool NES controller. Plus the box it comes in actually looks like a Nintendo console (but who cares because you're going to throw that away anyways). There will also be two special edition Super Smash Bros 3D XLs (a red one and a blue one) and a Persona Q one. They'll all be released next month (read: in time for the holiday season), cost $199, but the NES controller and Persona Q ones are GameStop exclusives. So you're gonna have to think long and hard about whether or not to trade in six games for $35 in store credit to put towards one or those.

Keep going for shots of the rest.





Thanks to lilco, who agrees the best handheld buttons to press aren't buttons at all, they're nipples.

  • ODwanKenObi

    I'm a Nintendo lifer. Been buying Nintendo since I was 8 years old and never really wanted a game boy. I want this one.

  • Dimitri

    How could NINTENDO fuck up their own design?

  • archer923

    The GBA SP did it better. The controller was on the inside. Putting it on the cover is dumb to me.

  • tyler j

    Came here to say exactly that except i was going to add that they should have done that style, but with SNES.

  • Guest

    the box is better than the ds itself(only printing a drawing on the back is kinda lazy)

  • eyesocketlife

    Wouldn't it make more sense for the 3DS to look like an NES, rather than it looking like the controller? Seems silly.

  • Maio

    what's the point of releasing these versions after the announcement of the new 3ds? :0

  • DL1119

    that box design is delicious as hell.

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