New Terrifying "4-D" Batman Roller Coaster At Six Flags

September 2, 2014


These are some renderings and a video of the new Batman: The Ride roller coaster opening at Six Flags Fiesta in Texas next year. It features two drops steeper than 90-degrees and six sections where your seat does 360-degree flips, independent of the tracks. You are going to puke so hard! Plus there's somebody sitting across from you so you might get to hit them. PROTIP: Load up on hotdogs before riding -- they come back up pretty painlessly. Popcorn and peanuts are a no-no.

The theme park described the ride as the "most exciting thrill ride" in its 22-year history.

"The Ride employs ultra-modern magnetic technology, which causes riders to flip head over heels with the feeling of pure weightlessness," the park said in a news release.

There's a video demo of what it's gonna be like to ride the coaster after the jump, which made me sick and it's not even in 3-D or anything. I dunno, maybe my roller coaster riding days are over. Besides, I find the shows at amusement parks way more interesting anyways. I'm lying, the day I can't ride a roller coaster and puke is the day I don't want to live anymore. I like to already be dry heaving by the time I'm pulling down the shoulder restraint.

Keep going for a couple more shots and the video.




Thanks to chichi and Logan, who agree half the fun of riding roller coasters is seeing the look on the ride attendant's face when they realize the mess you just made.

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