New iPhone Vs. Liquid Nitrogen Bath And Sledgehammer

September 22, 2014


Because there are literally tons of people willing to trade hundreds of dollars in electronics for Youtube views, this is a video of a new iPhone 6 taking a liquid nitrogen bath, then being shattered with a sledgehammer. It didn't stand a chance. Of course, an iPhone that hasn't taken a liquid nitrogen bath doesn't really stand a chance against a sledgehammer either. This one though, it just disintegrates. Like if I cast a dust spell against an enemy in combat. I mean, I never would because I like a fair fight, but if I did. "Fair fight? You cast a Harry Potter death spell on somebody with their back turned." saw that, huh? Shit, what's that behind you?!

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Benjammin, who loves smashing things with sledgehammers, just not expensive, brand new electronics.

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