My Kinda Doll: Mother Accuses Her Daughter's Talking Barbie Of Dropping F-Bombs

September 17, 2014


A mother from Wales with nothing else to do is accusing Mattel of making 'Barbie Life In The Dreamhouse' dolls that say 'What the f***?" Although, with a total of five seconds research at the product site, I learned she actually says, "Off the hook!" (Also: "Amaze!" and "Get Your Sparkle On!") It's a $13 doll with a shitty speaker inside -- calm down. Really, it's your bad for buying your daughter such a doll that says "Off the hook!" and "Amaze!" in the first place. What kind of role model is that? You should have bought her a doll that says, "Equal pay for equal work!" and, "F*** you, I'll crash the glass ceiling!"

Keep going for a video of the doll talking so you can make your own judgement.

Thanks to (No Sender), who clearly doesn't believe in leaving a calling card.

  • Andrew Newton

    WHY IS THERE STILL BARBIE? She sets a poor expectation for girls who do terrible things to their bodies to make themselves appear like they have plastic skin, hair plugs, a detachable head and double jointed elbows!

  • Guest


  • Bunni

    She's had 150 careers in her very long run as top doll in the world. They use her t promote girls to be their best and also to follow their dreams.


  • Andrew Newton

    ...not sure if serious....

  • Idris09

    Clearly says, "Off the hook!" That mother needs a hobby and she should get her mind out of the gutter.

  • GeneralDisorder

    I'll put my mind in her gutter... wait. Does that make sense? I give up.

  • Guest

    what the fuuuuk♫

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