Mmmm, Pepperoni Brains: Skull Shaped Pizza Rolls

September 29, 2014


These are the skull-shaped pizza rolls made by Beth at Hungry Happenings using a 3-D skull baking pan. You can buy the pan HERE and follow Beth's recipe to make the pizza rolls HERE. Alternatively, throw a box of Totino's Pizza Rolls in the oven, pass out drunk on the sofa, and wake up to the fire department kicking your door down. It's happened to me before. PROTIP: Don't ever tear a smoke detector off the wall and yank the battery out just because it starts chirping for a new battery. You should replace that battery immediately. Smoke detectors save lives. This message brought to you by the hunks of Los Angeles Fire Station # 13, who finally wised up and stopped responding to my fake 'cat stuck in a tree' calls, even though I always made fresh lemonade.

Keep going for a bunch of shots of the process and the finished products.





Thanks to lilco, who tried to tell me pizza rolls lead to belly rolls, but I didn't hear over the sound of me chewing with my mouth open.

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