Madden 15 Glitch Featuring A 1-Foot Tall Linebacker

September 3, 2014


This is a video demo of a glitch from Madden NFL 15 that causes Browns rookie linebacker Christian Kirksey to appear 1-foot 2-inches tall (although he's on the Tennessee Titans in the video due to playing on challenge mode). Apparently he's not that good at tackling, but can still recover fumbles, and look mighty cute doing it. Just make sure you keep him out of the way of your kicker or he might get punted into the stands. And nobody wants to have to use a timeout to go search for their linebacker around the hotdog and beer vendors.

Keep going for a worthwhile video of mini Kirksey in action.

Thanks to Amplifide and E V I L A R E S, who really wish there was a big-head glitch.

  • Nina Raon

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  • Zequi

    The guy talking reminds me of Justin Roiland.

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