Largest Carnivorous Dinosaur May Have Evolved To Swim In Ocean, Eat Giant Sharks

September 12, 2014


A new fossil discovery in the Sahara desert indicates that Spinosaurus, possibly the largest predator to ever walk the earth, may have also been the first swimming dinosaur. My God, what an erotic pool party that would be! *ripping off bathing suit* MARCO.

The 95-million-year-old remains confirm a long-held theory: that this is the first-known swimming dinosaur.

Scientists say the beast had flat, paddle-like feet and nostrils on top of its crocodilian head that would allow it to submerge with ease.

The researchers say that, at more than 15m (50ft) from nose to tail, it was potentially the largest of all the carnivorous dinosaurs - bigger even than the mighty Tyrannosaurus rex.

They believe it would have feasted on giant sharks and other car-sized fish called coelacanths and lungfish, competing with enormous crocodile-like creatures for its prey.

Could you imagine seeing this beast in action hunting "car-sized fish"? Maybe they'll include a Spinosaurus in the new Jurassic Park movie. Are they still making that? I sure hope so. Now that's a film I'd be willing to go see at midnight, opening day. "Yeah, and probably get kicked out for masturbating." Gosh, it's really gonna be hard not to, isn't it?

Keep going for a size chart of the beast.


Thanks to Rev Dr Dom, vaultking and (No Sender), who clearly know even the thought of a dinosaur capable of devouring "car-sized fish" is enough to make my heart go pitter-patter.

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