Insane Mechanised Wooden Desk With All Sorts Of Secret Compartments Built Over 200 Years Ago

September 19, 2014


In they sure as hell don't make them like that anymore news, this is an ultra-impressive wooden desk with all sorts of mechanized, moving parts and secret compartments. I LOVE secret compartments. It was built over 200 years ago without the use of any power tools. Probably because power tools didn't exist 200 years ago, but that's just a guess. Honestly, I started drinking at lunch and have just been watching videos at my desk until my boss leaves so I can get out of here for the weekend. Will he give me a last minute assignment to finish before Monday? PROBABLY. Will I tell him where he can shove that assignment? After I see him out the window heading to his car I will! I'm a badass and I don't take shit from anyone.

Keep going for the worthwhile video.

Thanks to Bolo, who made a desk out of a door resting on two chairs. That, wow, that's what mine is too.

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