Impressive, But $2,200: Light-Up LEGO Super Mario Lamp

September 25, 2014


This is the LEGO Super Mario Bros floor lamp built and being sold by Etsy shop PugsnLegos for $2,200. I want it. Except I want it to be Zelda themed. Ooh -- and I want it to play sounds from the games. Plus greet me when I come home. And if could give decent back and foot massages too that would be the tits.

This is a Mario Brothers themed Lego light that can also be used to hold your keys, wallet, sunglasses, whatever. The lights are LEDs and they are operated by remote control. Via the remote you can turn the light on and off, change the color, turn the brightness up or down, and the lights have some color changing effects as well.

The Lego tower is approximately 27.5" tall, and 10" square at the base. It weighs approximately 10 pounds.

Alternatively, spend a couple hundred bucks buying all the bricks you need to make one yourself, do a terrible f***ing job, then reevaluate just how important having a LEGO Super Mario Bros lamp is to your life. I think if you search long and hard you'll realize that life without a LEGO Super Mario Bros lamp isn't worth living and $2,200 is a steal.

Keep going for several more shots, a video of its color changing capabilities, another cheaper Super Mario lamp for $600, and a Pac-Man LEGO lamp that only costs $275.








Thanks to me, for just inventing break-apart furniture to help prevent stubbed toes.

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