Impressive, But $2,200: Light-Up LEGO Super Mario Lamp

September 25, 2014


This is the LEGO Super Mario Bros floor lamp built and being sold by Etsy shop PugsnLegos for $2,200. I want it. Except I want it to be Zelda themed. Ooh -- and I want it to play sounds from the games. Plus greet me when I come home. And if could give decent back and foot massages too that would be the tits.

This is a Mario Brothers themed Lego light that can also be used to hold your keys, wallet, sunglasses, whatever. The lights are LEDs and they are operated by remote control. Via the remote you can turn the light on and off, change the color, turn the brightness up or down, and the lights have some color changing effects as well.

The Lego tower is approximately 27.5" tall, and 10" square at the base. It weighs approximately 10 pounds.

Alternatively, spend a couple hundred bucks buying all the bricks you need to make one yourself, do a terrible f***ing job, then reevaluate just how important having a LEGO Super Mario Bros lamp is to your life. I think if you search long and hard you'll realize that life without a LEGO Super Mario Bros lamp isn't worth living and $2,200 is a steal.

Keep going for several more shots, a video of its color changing capabilities, another cheaper Super Mario lamp for $600, and a Pac-Man LEGO lamp that only costs $275.








Thanks to me, for just inventing break-apart furniture to help prevent stubbed toes.

  • Guest

    Very cool constructions! Now you can build full sized furniture with plastic interlocking blocks like legos - but SUPERSIZED - offers large blocks in 12 colors to build all kinds of things

  • Very awesome creations! For large furniture building with modular plastic blocks - like chairs, tables, and maybe even a full house check out which sells a large modular plastic block in 12 colors.

  • Doug Eldridge

    2200.00 is fucking ridiculous. No thanks.

  • I love when people create neat stuff. I love that necessity isn't always the mother of invention and people just make cool things because its something fun and interesting.

    I HATE, when I see shit like this. I have to imagine its either a stunt or the person is really dumb, because that price is astronomical for something that takes literally no talent whatsoever to make given enough LEGO parts.

    It would be one thing if this person invented and made their own parts and then made a lamp out of all these parts, but when you can buy the parts and make it yourself with no special training or anything, I hate to say it, but its kind of insulting to see shit like this.

  • disqus_k2QxOV9H7Z

    Make one yourself and sell it for $500!

  • Tyguy

    Completely agree. $2,200.00 for labor?.....Hell no.

  • Jason Christopher

    Can someone who is big into Lego building tell me if this is anywhere near $2200 worth of legos and labor?

  • Jason Christopher

    To be clear, I didn't mean to discredit the work that went in to this. This is really, really cool and I'd happily display this in my house. Just thought that surely it could be done for much less than $2200. Kudos to the creator, though. Cool stuff.

  • Kevin

    Definitely could be made for less than $2,200. It would just cost you a few hundred dollars and a long weekend, but you could do it.

  • No its not anywhere near that cost to make something like this. It would actually run you around $100-150 (maybe a little more) if you go to the LEGO brick store online and buy them by the piece. The pieces run anywhere from .05 to .20 cents each fyi.

    Also, LEGO is the plural, no "s" required :D

    Also you can order those lighting rigs on ebay for dirt ass cheap so there isn't any cost in that really either.

  • David Anderson

    It looks like it is about 60 high x 20 wide, so you are talking a crapload of bricks, about a grand or so. Plus the lighting setup, it is pretty cool if you watch the video. So maybe he is charging about $20 per hour for labour, sounds pretty reasonable to me. And that doesn't count design time, testing and the concept etc. Realistically I reckon it would translate to around ten bucks an hour.

  • Kevin

    Your math sucks. First off, LEGO bricks cost more than .05 -.20. Many of the larger pieces are 50 cents or more. Even if you could buy every LEGO brick regardless of size for an average of 25 cents that would get you 600 bricks for $150. This clearly has far more than 600 LEGO bricks in it.

  • Andrew Newton

    Pick a brick - directly from Lego (not to mention what you can buy a bulk) lists almost everything in a .10 to .20 range.


    2x2 - .20
    2x3 - .25
    2x4 - .30

  • Kevin

    It's about $400-500 worth of LEGO and in the youtube description it says it took north of 40 hours. So it depends on what you think your time is worth. Let's say it took 50 hours (nice round number to use), what would you say your time is worth after spending 50 hours building something like this is?

  • Andrew Newton

    Let's break this down

    Even if your INCREDIBLY UNNECESSARILY HIGH estimation of $400-500 is true (let's stop at $400, which is still a high estimate) add that with probably another $50 for rope lighting ( I am not shitting you, the remote and 16 feet worth of lighting might not even reach $50 with tax included), you're looking at $450 for raw materials (I still think $300 for everything is high). With $2200 being the total cost, that leaves $1750 for labor. So this person believes their work is worth $35/hr - given that it's 8-bit themed and is tantamount to a draw (or build) by numbers system, you don't need a mastery of Lego building to do much with 8-bit design.

    The only thing that can make up for this high cost, somewhat, is that it is a unique piece.

    Incredibly unique, creative and innovative. However, even for it's novelty, it's still priced way too high.

  • David Anderson

    As a lego guy, I think the bricks would be closer to $1000, your estimate of $400 is insanely low.

  • The Magnificent Newtboy

    You just joined Disqus to comment on this? You don't happen to be an Etsy seller do you? Lol

  • Kevin

    I've never needed to sign into Disqus to comment on anything before.

  • The Magnificent Newtboy

    Right, right. This IS a subject that anyone would feel extraordinarily strongly about...

  • MorningPanda

    I wouldnt say so. You can buy a pretty generous amount of legos from the lego site itself. simple blocks like these run somewhere between .12-.40 a piece, so you could buy the pieces you need (albeit still an expensive buy).

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