I'd Live There: Star Wars Inspired House In South Korea

September 25, 2014


This is the Star Wars inspired home built by architecture firm Moon Hoon in South Korea. The 131 sq m (1,410 sq ft) house was built for around 200 million KRW (~$192,000) and is supposed to look like...I dunno, an AT-AT f***ed a Jawa Sandcrawler and laid an egg?

Completed in 2013, the unusual project was conceived when an airline pilot and his former ground crew wife approached Moon Hoon architects to construct a house with a small physical footprint for themselves and their children. Using the fact that the husband had wanted to be an astronaut in his youth as a jumping-off point, the firm brainstormed and eventually settled upon a dwelling that references Star Wars from the outside.

I'd live there. Of course the existing family probably wouldn't be thrilled it, and the language barrier would be hard to overcome, but God willing they won't call the police every time they find me dressed as a Wookie taking a shit in the guest bathroom. Do you mind?! I'm trying to blog in here.

Keep going for more shots of the exterior, follow the link in the article for interior shots (which is not Star Wars themed).






Thanks to Andreas, who's always dreamed of living in a Star Trek themed house. Me? I've always dreamed of living anywhere but in this shithole apartment.

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