HOW?!: Hitchhiking Robot Survived Trip Across Canada

September 12, 2014


Remember the story of HitchBOT, the robot that was going to attempt to hitchhike the 6,000km across Canada from Halifax to Victoria? Well, despite my best efforts (I texted a friend in Canada and told him if he happened to see HitchBOT to tear it's head off), he successfully made the journey. I'm thinking next time my best effort might need to be a little better.

HitchBOT's creators say it received at least 18 different rides as complete strangers took on the responsibility of transporting the robot closer to its destination.

The robot's many adventures included watching a First Nations powwow, crashing a wedding, having high tea in Victoria, and posing for countless photos at gas stations, in cafes and along highways across the country.

"You know it's not a human, but you humanize it, and you're trying to have a conversation and some kind of weird relationship," says [ride-giver Seb] Leeson.

"Weird relationships" with robots aside, you think HitchBOT could make it safely across the U.S. like he did in Canada? Because my guess is no. My guess is the first person to pick him up takes him straight to the pawn shop and asks how much they can get for an R2-D2 sex doll.

Thanks to Laura W, who just reminded me I'm thankful for not betting on whether or not HitchBOT would make it.

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