Guy Builds Firefly's Serenity Out Of 23-Lbs Of Duct Tape

September 24, 2014


PROTIP: Fix the date on your camera or remove it.

This is the Serenity spacecraft from Firefly that Jacob LaRocca built entirely out of duct tape. It weighs in at 23-pounds and took 27 rolls of tape and 110 hours to complete. That is some serious dedication. I tried to glue popsicle sticks to an empty can of orange juice concentrate once to make a decorative pen and pencil holder and got so frustrated halfway through that I smashed the can and wrote Minute Maid a piece of hate mail. THAT WAS GOING TO BE FOR MY MOM FOR MOTHER'S DAY.

Keep going for some closeups and a couple shots showing just how massive this thing is, but go HERE for a pictorial of the whole build.









  • jacoblarockr

    I built the model almost two years ago, it isnt that the camera's date is wrong. IT has taken me this long to actually post it and show it in the general public. Thanks so much for the article!

  • Taperenity!

  • catallergy


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