Good Lookin': 3-Year Old Gets Prosthetic Iron Man Hand

September 9, 2014


This is a video of Hawaiian boy Bubba and his new Iron Man hand. Bubba was born without most of his right hand, and just had a custom one 3-D printed for him at no cost thanks to a nonprofit called E-Nable. Hmmm.... Hello, E-Nable? Yes, I, uh, I know a guy that needs a pirate pegleg.

Several months ago, Rulan Waikiki discovered an exciting option for her grandson on the Internet with a group called E-Nable. It was a life-changing discovery.

For years, patients spent up to $40,000 for a commercially made prosthetic hand, but thanks to 3-D printing technology, a mechanical body-powered hand costs only $50 to build.

"As soon as he put it on and was able to close the hand, his face just lit up," Waikiki said.

Instead of reaching for a ball or a toy, Bubba held his own hand.

"I'm not sure if the video, you can hear it on there, but he does say, 'I can hold my own hand,'" Waikiki said.

Did you read that? Bubba's grandma managed to find a nonprofit group on the internet to make her grandson a 3-D prosthetic hand for free. For reference, most grandparents on the internet are only capable of downloading viruses and giving their credit card and bank info to scammers. Enjoy the hand, Bubba.

Keep going for a feel-good video news report.

Thanks to neolardo and Rookbrains, who agree with 3-D printing technology The Wizard of Oz's job would be a snap.

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