Girl Proposes To Boyfriend In Middle Of Magic The Gathering Game With Custom Made Card

September 26, 2014


This is the custom made 'Proposal' Magic: The Gathering card that Lindsey Loree used to propose to her boyfriend (links to his account of the story) in the middle of a game. He said yes. She also game him a Ring Pop. No word if he spotted the Ring Pop beforehand, but it would be hard to say no to a girl with a Ring Pop. Hell, I still have a hard time not taking candy from strangers and I should know better. Congratulations you two.

Keep going for a shot of the lucky man and his card and Ring Pop, and one of the happy couple.



Thanks to carey, who told me she hopes to get engaged over a game of

  • Deizrouge

    Mana Leak OP

  • Sadie Rowe

    That is the best girlfriend ever!!!!!!!

  • Hollow Clyde

    Thats cool, like the card :D

  • Paulo Oliveira

    She was lucky not gettin mana screw... xD

  • cardstock

    Wow, you were serious about the Ring Pop. I need to rethink my proposal strategy with a stupid ol' diamond.

  • Jasy Bitos

    5 mana sorcery card? if she was playing against me she would never had the chance to propose me cause she would loose before that!!!!

  • Ollie Williams

    I bet she'd be able to spell lose, though.

  • "i accept, but like hell we are mixing up those cards..."

  • GeekyFez

    Aww! #GeekLove

  • Ron

    Hilarious if she was mana-screwed and wasn't able to afford the casting cost.

  • Ein

    Ha, playing against red land destruction.


    Cannot upvote enough. I shot orange juice all over my keyboard from my nose.

  • Jim A.

    Why would you mix 2 decks together? That's a terrible analogy to marriage as the sum of 2 decks is FAR worse than their parts!

  • Brent Turcotte

    Nothing new ,http://www.magiclibrarities... Game designer did for his wife some 20 years ago, nice tribute but not newsworthy when its a stolen idea

    -There are 9 Proposal cards in existence. One of them was given to Quinton Hoover, creator of the artwork and one of Lily Wu's favored artists, but was stolen off the table at a convention in Tokyo in 1999 and never reappeared. Another copy was handed to Dave Howell, at that time production manager of Wizards of the Coast and technical creator of the card. The other cards were given to members of the Garfield family and are kept in privacy, as Richard Garfield does not want images of this card to appear in public.

  • Marcus King

    Yes. Those images are so hard to find.

    Uhm, duh

  • David Thanh Pham

    This is totally awesome, but the thing I'm left wondering: Is Prince Darian a pokemon trainer? because it looks like he has 4 gym badges on his tuxedo.

  • I like it, right up until the part about mixing the decks? You can't just mix decks.

    I think she just really hated the deck he was using, and thought she could kill two birds with one stone. She gets married, and the hated deck is now unusable.

  • Kevin Davis

    I thought they'd be fat hmm

  • YourMom

    Well played.

  • captaindash

    7 comments so far and nobody has been an asshole. Faith in humanity restored.

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