For The Ladies: Beautiful Owl-Wing Printed Scarves

September 3, 2014


These are the owl and other bird wing scarves designed and sold by Roza Khamitova of Etsy shop Shovava ($48 - $120). They make you look like you have bird wings. And who hasn't dreamed of having wings? They're beautiful, aren't they? Owls are probably my favorite kind of bird. Mostly because they're so mysterious. I like MYSTERIES. Like, what's that smell coming from my roommate's room? Why haven't I seen him in a couple days? Is he dead in there? "Maybe you should find out." Listen -- I said I like mysteries, I didn't say I like solving them.

Keep going for a bunch more examples.








Thanks to Julie S, who agrees it's only a matter of time before somebody starts printing dragon wing scarfs and I finally fulfill my destiny by clutching an end in each hand and jumping off the roof spitting atomic fireballs at my little sister.

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