Flashing Flux Capacitor USB Car Charger A Reality

September 8, 2014


Originally a ThinkGeek April Fools' product, the company will be selling real Flux Capacitor USB Car Chargers later this month for $25. The unit has two USB ports, each capable of providing 2.1-amps to charge your electronics. Hmm, that sounds like a far cry from the 1.21-jiggowatts needed to power an ACTUAL flux capacitor. Still, it'll keep your phone charged while you listen to music and use Waze, so there's that. My car doesn't even have a place to plug in a charger. You know why? "Because your car is a bicycle?" Yep, I'm ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY. I don't litter either, although I won't hesitate to candidly pee in public because pee is ALL-NATURAL. Jk jk, my pee is so volatile it once set a fence on fire.

Keep going for a shot of the thing plugged into a car.


Thanks to sean and LIBBY, who have every intention of suing when their cars hit 88MPH and they don't time travel.

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