Dutch Boy Turns Dead Pet Rat Into Flying Tri-Copter

September 10, 2014


With the help of that weirdo that turned his dead cat into a quadrocopter, Dutch youngster Pepeijn Bruins now has a tri-copter created with the stuffed body of his beloved pet rat, Ratjetoe. Me? I would have just buried him...in an ancient Indian burial ground and brought him back to life.

Pepeijn said: "I loved him very much. He always liked to be cuddled and he would run up my clothes and hide."

Keen to keep his pet's memory alive Pepeijn looked at ways of holding onto Ratjetoe.

Luckily, if that's how you want to put it, Dutch inventors Arjen Beltman and Bart Jansen were on hand to help him achieve his goal.

The duo were naturally Pepeijn's first port of call after seeing their previous work, which includes producing the world's first stuffed, radio-controlled flying cat.

The inventors are also working on creating a flying shark copter. You know, because that's something that should exist in this world. Will they use it in a prank to scare beachgoers?! *shaking Magic 8-Ball* Damn, this thing lost all its liquid.

Keep going for a video of the rat taking flight.

Thanks to Rev Dr Dom, who agrees it's only a matter of time before somebody makes a sweet turtle-copter. Could be a long time though (turtles live forever).

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