Don't Try This At Home: Man Chugs Bottle Of Jack Daniels In 13-Seconds

September 8, 2014


This is a video of ready-to-die Will Williams chugging a fifth of Jack Daniels in 13-seconds. You should not try this at home. Or a friend's home. Or in a nearby parking lot like Will is in the video. Nice Mumford & Sons shirt, by the way. You like that 'I Will Wait' song a lot? That's very hardcore of you.

"We were appalled at the video because it depicts very irresponsible and dangerous behavior," Jack Daniel's spokesman Phil Lynch told the Daily News.

"Many people don't realize that kind of consumption could be very harmful to people and could kill them in certain circumstances."

Wait -- many people don't realized that chugging an entire bottle of liquor could be harmful? How do people not know that? Are these the same people that are into butt-chugging? I bet these are the same people that are into butt-chugging. You know, maybe alcohol just isn't for you.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Greg, BEASMO and S, who agree if you want to try the same thing, use apple juice.

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