Death Wish: Longboard Skateboarder Bombs Down Cliffside Road As Fast As Possible

September 29, 2014


This is a promo video for Arbor Skateboards featuring pro longboarder James Kelly bombing a bunch of roads out west at TOP SPEED. I'm pretty sure I would have flown off the road into a canyon and died on the first turn, possibly even before. Clearly James has complete confidence in his skills, or has a death wish. Did I mention he wipes out at 2:25? Because he wipes out at 2:25. I've eaten shit on my skateboard barely doing 5MPH before and thought I was a goner, and he's going like 25-30MPH. He has special skid pads on though. Plus isn't a sissy and probably didn't call his mom crying to pick him up from the end of the street after it happened.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to DaveM, who is going to do the same thing except with a jetpack on to go even faster.

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