Clever: Guy Keeps Track Of Pet Turtle With A Balloon

September 4, 2014


Nice video game console collection.

This is a short video of how Austin Woods keeps track of his pet turtle -- with a helium balloon. Apparently Austin was tired of his turtle getting lost around his apartment, so he decided to rectify the situation. Wow, what a handsome little devil. I say tie enough balloons to him to take off like the house in Up and really make his dreams come true.

Keep going for the short video.

Thanks to Mellisa, who once tied a balloon to her cat's tail but the cat popped it and got scared and now it scratches her legs for revenge.

  • Alec Aaron Roberts


    Wheres the Sega Saturn? Wheres the Atari 7800? Wheres the NEO-GEO AES?!

  • Bling Nye

    ...makes it a lot less ninja-y though. The foot clan is going to steal all your video games son!

  • zin

    Just use one of those bluetooth tracking stickers then.

  • captaindash

    I'm going to start keeping track of my car keys like this.

  • Malcolm Fried

    Yes, attach your keys to a helium balloon. Hope your name is true.

  • Christopher Roy


  • archer923

    Koopa is on his last life.

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