Classic Video Game Controller Ice And Chocolate Molds

September 24, 2014


These are the $10 Classic Video Game Controller Silicon Molds (well technically these are chocolates made with the molds -- there's a shot of the actual mold after the jump) sold by ThinkGeek. Each mold makes two NES, Genesis and Playstation controllers. You can use them to mold anything from candy to chocolate to ice cubes mini-cakes to soap -- the possibilities are practically endless! Just kidding, the possibilities are pretty limited. At least in my mind, but I'm not a very smart person. I'm going to use them to make candy laxatives to feed to unsuspecting guests at my next party, but not before clogging my only toilet by flushing a bunch of athletic socks. "Why would you do that? People are going to be shitting in every corner of your apartment." Like I said, I'm not a very smart person.

Keep going for a shot of the molds and some video game controller ice cubes.



Thanks to Jenn, who told me she bought them with the intention of making decorative bathroom soaps and Christmas ornaments. Well aren't you crafty!

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