China Opens Separate Walking Lane For People Texting

September 15, 2014


In an effort to raise awareness of the dangers of walking and texting, China has opened separate walkways for people who are using their cell phones, and people who aren't. They're meant to be ironic though, and encourage people to think before texting and knocking over somebody's grandma and breaking her hips. That poor old lady. You monster!

The special 50-metre route was mapped out in the Chinese city of Chongqing and at first seemed as if they was intended to make the journey of smartphone users easier.

But Nong Cheng, who works for area managers the Meixin Group, confirmed the lanes were meant to be ironic and remind people it's dangerous to tweet while walking the street.

'There are lots of elderly people and children in our street, and walking with your cellphone may cause unnecessary collisions here,' she said.

Listen, if you want to walk and text safely, here's what you do: don't. Go lean up against a wall or something. Will people think you're a prostitute? Maybe. You know how often I get mistaken for a prostitute? Waaaaaaaaay too often. "Maybe stop wearing that "HANDJOBS: $5" t-shirt." But it's so soft.

Keep going for one more shot.


Thanks to Linc, who never texts because he prefers calling and making people uncomfortable.

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