Chewbacca Dog Takes 3rd In Star Wars Photo Contest

September 17, 2014


Not to be outdone by the original Chewbacca dog, this is the Chewbacca dog that took 3rd place in a Petco Mexico Star Wars photo contest. I posted the first and second place winners after the jump (the cat took 2nd, the Photoshopped Yoda 1st), but they aren't as good. Which just goes to show you, even the judges in a Petco Star Wars photo contests can be bought. *banging head on keyboard* Is nothing on this f***ing planet sacred anymore?!

Keep going for the other two.



Thanks to ZON, who wants to adopt every dog that looks like an Ewok then build them all a village in the backyard.

  • Elak Swindell

    WTF is with the judges when they award some hard-to-see costumed dog in the background of a SW image the first prize and a cat playing with a SW doll as second over a kickass looking dog that has the same likeness to that of the Chewie doll right next to it?

  • Defenestrato

    I know, right! Yoda wasn't even in that scene!

  • Guest

    maybe tehy got confused and thoguht the real chewie was the entry and were all omg that toally looks exactly leik chewi

  • Zed68

    Number 1 and 2 are just lame... that dog should be the winner.

  • Brian Payne

    That cat picture is useless.

  • evilares

    Chewie Dog is much better than those other two. Idiot judges.

  • Rachel David

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  • Anus

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