BREAKING: Coke Bringing SURGE Soda Back To Market

September 15, 2014


After a successful fan campaign to bring the drink back (hey, everybody uses their spare time in different ways -- some just more meaningfully than others), Coca-Cola has just announced it's bring SURGE soda back to market. *glug glug glug, shivers* Oh yeah, I can already feel the diabetes forming.

SURGE, which debuted in 1996 and was taken off the market in the early 2000s, is making a comeback thanks, in part, to a passionate and persistent community of brand loyalists who have been lobbying The Coca-Cola Company to bring back their favorite drink over the last few years. SURGE is Coke's first discontinued brand to return to the market.

SURGE will be sold on, which represents the first time a Coca-Cola product has been sold exclusively through an online retailer. SURGE's relaunch will also be an experiment in social media marketing for the brand, since they said they will not invest in any traditional marketing for this product.

Great job, guys. It's just a shame you couldn't have put all that time and effort towards something that actually matters. Like, I dunno, bringing back Squeezits or Hi-C Ecto Cooler. I swear, all the crazy shit going on in the world and some people still only think about their own selfish agendas.

Keep going for a video about the re-release.

Thanks to Dan-O and E V I L A R E S, who have already ordered pallets of SURGE to sell on eBay when Coke inevitably pulls the drink again.

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