Because The Real Things Aren't Scary Enough: Scientists Develop Robotic Octopus

September 29, 2014


This is a video demonstrating the robotic octopus built by the Foundation of Research and Technology-Hellas. You know, because regular octopuses weren't scary enough. They all look like alien penises to me. "You spend a lot of time thinking about alien penises?" I write Star Trek erotic fan fiction.

Now the researchers report that the addition of a soft and supple silicone web has nearly doubled the speed of the roboctopus, and not satisfied with that, the scientists have also taught it to crawl, carry objects, and swim free in the Aegean Sea.

Researchers believe the roboctopus could be used to observe sea-life undisturbed, as they noted many fish swimming around the bot without worry. God willing, it might even capture footage of the ocean's biggest mystery. "The Kraken?" Bigger. "Atlantis?" Even bigger. "Mermaid titties." AHOOOOGA! No but seriously I was going to say Megalodon because I'm not a pervert like you.

Keep going for a video of the octopus in action, including carrying a ball.

Thanks to Thrillhouse and Arrogant Tiger, who are never stepping foot in the ocean again. I don't even feel comfortable in the bath.

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