6-Year Old Make-A-Wish Girl Gets To Meet A Unicorn

September 17, 2014


In heartwarming news, 6-year old Addison, who's in remission from leukemia, got to travel to Hawaii and go on a unicorn-meeting adventure as part of a Make-A-Wish project. Addison believes unicorns are real and live in Hawaii, clearly because she knows what's up.

Addison, who is in remission after a two-and-a-half year battle with leukemia, traveled all the way from Georgia to Oahu. There, playwright Alvin Chan joined volunteers from Diamond Head Theatre to write and produce a magical adventure for her. They transformed Waimea Valley into the fairytale town of "Arboretia," and had "Princess Addison" accomplish special tasks in order to release a mythical unicorn and free the town's Queen.

Addison's journey took her through Waimea Valley to find the prettiest flower in the forest and then the prettiest fruit. When it came to searching for the long lost unicorn, played by a horse named Sonny, Addison had to sing a song -- "Somewhere Over The Rainbow."

Eventually, the pink unicorn emerged.

Beautiful. If you got to meet any mythical beast, which would you choose? I think I'd choose a fire-breathing dragon, but only if I got to keep it as my own flying mount. Could you imagine me riding a dragon into battle? "You'd fall off." That bastard would probably drop me in a volcano." Good luck Addison, and keep believing.

Keep going for several more shots of Addison meeting the unicorn, but be sure to check out the official Make A Wish project page for the pictures and story of her whole adventure.






Thanks to Allyson, who claims she once chased a white rabbit down a hole once. Nice try, Allyson, but I'm pretty sure that was Alice.

  • Mr. K

    Why is it so dusty in here? Stupid feels.

  • Guest

    but unicorns heal. she probably wanted to meet one for its magic and left thinking the horse was a dick for not helping

  • Torse

    unicorns also disembowel non-virgins that approach them

  • Guest


  • disqus_k2QxOV9H7Z

    A dragon GW? Why not a drakaina?

  • Jacob Floyd

    The horse trainer chick looks beautiful, but her face is covered in each shot....bummer.

  • asdfadfs

    probably a reason for that. scary teeth or something maybe

  • Torse

    She doesn't look any less happy.
    Also she got to go to Hawaii.

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