WTF Was That?: Guitarist Recreates Disgraced Japanese Polician's Crying And Yelling

August 6, 2014


PROTIP: Start your volume low.

This is a video of a guitarist recreating the cries of disgraced Japanese politician Ryutaro Nonomura. Nonomura tried to claim around $30,000 in travel expenses without providing any proof of his spending. Whatever, I would have done the exact same except BIGGER. *sliding expense report across boss's desk* "You want to be reimbursed for a trip to the moon?" Yep, went last weekend for a marketing convention. Wasn't cheap either. Booked my flight last minute, wound up costing like $650-million. "You're fired." Eat shit and die!

Keep going for the WTF was that in action.

Thanks to Lindby, who agrees it would be cool to see more American politicians crying. Especially after being kicked in the nuts.

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